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Satanic Paradigm
A collection of songs dedicated to the seven princes of Hell, and the Lord Himself, Baal.

Much of the music here makes use of xenharmonic tunings, including 9-TET (Satan) and 10-TET (Baal).

Inspired by pathworkings undertaken in the accursed year of 2020.

Hertz vibrations of focus:
Mammon 444 Hz
Beelzebub 333 Hz
Leviathan 19 Hz
Satan 666 Hz


Antibody's first ever tape release, from Chicago label Arcane Object!
Limited run cassette tape + 16 page art book and more, available at:
Big thank you to Arcane Object for inviting us to create music for this release.


New music for 2020!
CRISIS. Featuring electronic instrumental music by Adam Rose and April Lynn, and guitar work by Andrew Braddock (for 'Theta').
Also an arrangement of 'Le Badinage' by Baroque composer Marin Marais, and an offering, 'Demons', dedicated to Bael, Agares, and Vassago.
Available on Bandcamp:
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